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Magnetic thinking putty

Bend Me, Shape Me as you want, and I'll change anyway.

Unique features make thinking putty that it does not behave like any of the substation known to man. It will bounce back, and with a sufficient force even shatters. It can be stretched, but it can also tear. You can even make it shot.

So as you can see, it is elastic mass of joy ;)

Thinking putty

lots of colours

Thinking putty is completely unique, and now you can get it in many places for a really low price.You can use it in any way. Remember: there are very few things that you can't do with this putty : )

Thinking mass:

- reflects

- extends

- you stick anywhere

- shoots, pops and cracks

- torns

- melts and drips

Thinking putty is ideal for reducing stress and tension, and is a great office (and desktop toy;) and an excellent cure for boredom. Watching the reaction of people watching it is really a unique experience ;) Maybe you will just look, hesitating whether to touch something that is "sticky" and looks like a grease. Maybe you will do not feel comfortable playing with the toy in the company of co-workers? Ultimately, however, your subconscious will win and when you take it in your hands, you will do not want to put it down! You will squeeze it, stretch it, and any make any shapes. Putty will melt all layers of your stress and trigger your creativity!

Once you take it in your hands, I will not put it away.

Magnetic Thinking Putty

version with strong magnet inside

Although, even better fun you will have playing with magnetic thinking putty. It has all properties of regular putty, but has a mind of its own. When you place the included super-strong, neodymium, iron-boron magnet near or on the putty the real small magnets in the putty will naturally be drawn to it pulling the putty along with them. This awesome phenomenon allows you to control the Magnetic Thinking Putty like a snake charmer.

Hours of fun are guaranteed.

Magnetic thinking putty

Smart mass with powerful magnet.

- set includes: putty mass and strong neodymium magnet

- can be stretched, molded, bounced, shaped and torn

- magnet dimensions: 1x1x1 cm

Thinking putty

Buy magnetic thinking putty

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Thinking putty

Thinking putty

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